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Sea Of Spa Labs Ltd. (the “Company“) reserves the right to collect various types of information pertaining to the Users (“User” or “Users”) of this Website (the “Website“). Generally, this right shall apply to the collection of data for statistical purposes. Moreover, such use shall not include the revelation or expose of personal User information (of individual Users), and is intended to be used, inter alia, to initiate contact between the Website and its Users, to supply the Products of the Users through the Website, to handle Users complaints, to handle cyber security matters, to adjust the Website to fit Users’ personal preferences and to perform statistical analysis related to the Company.

Information uploaded onto the Website may be exposed periodically to employees and/or service providers of the Company, who provide various services on the Company’s behalf, including Website maintenance, services related to the improvement of various service offerings, facilitation of the Company’s service offerings, and similar types of services. Although the Company makes every effort to prevent the misuse of User information, the Company cannot ensure that any of the above individuals or entities who access a User’s information in this manner will not use (or misuse) information pertaining to any Users, and each User hereby waives, in advance, any claims connected to such misuse, in favor of the Company and/or any party acting on its behalf and/or connected to the Company.

Within the framework of Users’ ordering products through and/or registering to the Website, Users may, from time to time, transmit personal information (such as names, addresses, payment methods details, preferred modes of communication and additional data) (“Registration Data“) via the Website. Registration Data will be stored in the Company’s databases. Although Users are not obligated to provide Registration Data, Users who do not provide such data will not be able to order Products through and/or register to the Website. In order to prevent misuse of a User’s private information, each User agrees to provide only correct information, and to maintain the confidentiality of his or her username and password (which will be maintained, inter alia, for identification purposes and for the purpose of making actions within the Website). Moreover, Users are recommended to change their passwords on a frequent basis.

For Users who visit the Website without registering thereon and/or ordering Products, any information collected about such Users will be solely of a general statistical nature. For Users who register on the Website, the Company retains the right to collect data during the course of such Users’ use, including data involving surfing habits, information or advertisements viewed by Users, Webpages viewed by Users, proposals and suggestions that Users have demonstrated interest in viewing, User payment methods, and other information. The Company stores such information collected in its database, and may make use of such data for its needs.

Subject to applicable law, Users allow the Company to store and maintain information and details regarding the Users that are received by the Company within the Company’s computerized databases. This right shall apply to all User information that is in the Company’s possession and/or to all databases that the Company will create in the future. However, it should be clarified that Users are not obligated on any level, to provide such data to the Company as set forth above. It is further clarified that personal data provided by a User shall be used by the Company solely for research, statistical analysis, adjustment of content offerings and the offering and marketing of products and services. It is also clarified that, such data will not be provided to any third party (except as part of a group of data sets that relates to a general number of people without specifying the identity of individuals), unless the User explicitly approves such use.

It is hereby agreed and acknowledged that, during the course of a User’s use of the Website, information will be collected with respect to pages accessed by the User, the services presented to the User, advertisements that have been viewed by the User, information related to content offerings that the User has expressed interest in viewing, information regarding the User’s interactions with other Users, data relating to the device used by the User to browse the Website, data related to the duration of a User’s use of the Website and data related to the User’s access of third party websites/applications that the User accesses through the Website.

It is hereby specified, that in the event that the Company is requested by any competent legal authority (including judicial authorities or government bodies), in any applicable jurisdiction, to reveal personal User information, or in the event that the Company has reasonable cause to believe that the disclosure of personal User details is required in order to comply with any law and/or in order to maintain compliance with accepted legal standards and/or to prevent damage to any Users and/or to any third parties, the Company may disclose such information, even to the extent that such disclosure may compromise the privacy or confidentiality of a User or Users. It is further clarified that the Company may disclose User information for the purposes of maintaining and protecting its rights in relation to Users or to enforce the Terms of Conditions. It is clarified that in the event a User’s use of the Website is claimed to be harmful or to otherwise violate the rights of any third party and/or any applicable legal provisions, the Company may reveal the User’s personal information to any legal authority and/or to any entity claiming that it has been negatively affected from the actions of any such User (and/or may take any other action required by a relevant authority with respect to the disclosure thereof).

In order to prevent mistakes and/or communication failures and/or unpleasant interactions that derive from the fact that data and/or information regarding the Users are not properly and timely updated, Users are requested to ensure that any data and/or relevant information that Users enter into the Website remains current and accurate.

The User authorizes the Company to use the User’s contact details to send important messages relating to the Website and/or to the User’s use thereof.

The User authorizes the Company to use his/her contact details in order to transmit to the User, via e-mail, mobile text messages (SMS) or other modes of contact, messages relating to Products provided by the Company and/or any third parties, that relate to commercial or other endeavors, provided, however that, within 5 (five) working days from the date on which the Company receives instruction from a User (by sending a notice to: [email protected]), the Company will cease to make any use of the User’s contact information for the purpose of transmitting such messages, and provided, further, that, together with each message the Company shall send to the User (to the extent sent), the User shall be provided with reasonable opportunity to communicate that he or she does not desire to receive such messages.

The Website uses cookies to collect statistical data about its use, to tailor the Website’s functionality to fit Users’ personal preferences and to assist with various facets of Website operation.  Cookies are text files that are created by the Users’ browser based on the instructions of Company’s computers, and that are stored on Users’ computer hard drives. These files contain a variety of information such as information about Webpages visited by Users, the length of time Users visitation on various Webpages, data about how Users came to visit particular Webpages, the scope and nature of those Website areas viewed by Users, and additional information. Information on cookies is encrypted, and the Company takes precautions to ensure that only the Company’s computers can read and understand the information stored therein.

The Company will not transfer data collected through the use of cookies to third parties, except as provided above, absent User consent. If a User does not desire to accept cookies, the User may adjust the settings of his/her browser to block such acceptance. To determine how to accomplish this, the User should consult his/her browser’s help section. Notwithstanding, Users should be apprised that disabling cookies may result in the inability to use certain portions of the Website or programs offered by the Website. In addition, Users may delete cookies on their computer at any time. Moreover, since cookies may, in certain cases, save the User from the need to enter usernames and passwords and since cookies can also allow for the storage of information regarding User preferences, Users are not advised to delete cookies until they are convinced that they have recorded all of the necessary details required for them to use the Website in a secure location.

The Company is obligated to remove from its databases the complete details of each User, within 30 days from the date of request to be erased in writing from the User. A request to erase details should be sent in writing to the following address: Haplada 22 Arad, Israel and/or via email [email protected] and/or refer to customer service at the following telephone:



Please contact us by email at  [email protected] if you have questions or comments about this privacy policy.

Last updated on September 20, 2022 

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